9th November 2020

The S-Guide is an intubation aid for difficult airway management and facilitates orotracheal intubation, especially in patients where visualisation of the glottis is inadequate. Due to its malleability, it is suitable for direct and indirect laryngoscopy, in particular for video laryngoscopes with non channelled blades. With the O2 connectors, oxygenation* is possible throughout the whole intubating process, not impairing oxygenation even when the S-Guide is bent. For patient safety the S-Guide is provided with a coloured, preformed and atraumatic soft tip.



  • Specific design of material combines:
    • Malleabilty, to preform the tracheal tube
    • Rigidity, to manoeuver the tracheal tube
  • Special black marking on the sizes 11 Fr and 15 Fr shows ideal position to preform the tracheal tube (hockey-stick marking


  • For sizes 11 Fr and 15 Fr
  • Three openings at the distal end of the S-Guide to ensure appropriate oxygen flow
  • 2 different connectors: O2 - 15 mm Connector and O2 Connector

Soft Tip

  • Preformed, soft and atraumatic tip
  • Coloured tip:
    • For better visualisation within the glottic structures
    • For size coding

Product Specifications

  • Shelf life of 5 years
  • Sterile packed
  • Single use product

Airway Management