Tourniquet Cuffs - Single Use - Sterile

Single use sterile tourniquet cuff

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Single use sterile tourniquet cuff.
White Paediatric 20 x 5 20-34-700-1
Light Blue Infant 30 x 6 20-34-710-1
Yellow Arm 35 x 8 20-34-711-1
Red Large Arm 46 x 8 20-34-712-1
Red Conical Calf/Arm 46 x 12 20-34-715-1
Green Conical Thigh 61 x 12 20-34-722-1
Navy Blue Large Conical Thigh 76 x 12 20-34-727-1
Brown XL Conical Thigh 86 x 12 20-34-728-1
Purple XXL Conical Thigh 107 x 12 20-34-729-1


Surgical Tourniquets: The contamination risk of reusable cuffs

Read our latest white paper on the contamination risks of reusable cuffs and the benefits of using single-use tourniquet cuffs.

Click here to read the white paper.

What are the benefits of using single-use sterile tourniquet cuffs?

-Ultimate protection against bacterial transference between patients
-Colour coded measuring system ensures optimal fit, reducing risk of tourniquet related complications
-Low profile cuff enables easy access to surgical site
-Conical cuff eliminates roll and twist
-No cleaning required - saving you time

How can VBM single-use tourniquet cuffs provide a cost effective solution?

We have been distributing the VBM range of disposable tourniquet cuffs for the last 10 years. We offer an economical single use tourniquet cuff which provides a solution to the infection risks associated with reusable cuffs. Promoting best practice, we support the product with a tourniquet placement training service available to all operating theatre staff.

Our range of sterile single use tourniquet cuffs are easy to place and are available in straight and conical shape to suit all types of patients. Our colour coded boxes, in conjunction with a colour coded measuring guide, make ordering easier and simplify the process of selecting the correct cuff size. We also offer a complete tourniquet pack for ultimate patient protection and simple placement. This includes sterile padding, drape and a surgical tourniquet.

Freelance Surgical Ltd also distribute the VBM range of pneumatic and electric tourniquet machines, exsanguinators and pressure infusion cuffs.

How to correctly choose the right size disposable tourniquet cuff?

A sterile single use colour coded tape measure is used to measure the limb. It's a straight forward system and eliminates any guess work in choosing the correct sized cuff for your patient.

Why is it important to choose the right size tourniquet cuff for your patient?

A correctly fitted tourniquet cuff allows even pressures and a lower pressure. McEwen (2015) argues that many studies published have shown that the lowest pressure possible to stop the flow of blood into the limb distal to the cuff is the safest, and also proclaims it is the higher pressures that have the association with tourniquet related injuries to the patient1. He goes on to quote,              
‘Insufficient tourniquet pressure is considered dangerous, resulting in passive congestion with possible irreversible functional loss’.
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Check out our video on how to select the correct size tourniquet cuff with accurate application