Tourniquet Touch - TT20
Product Code: 01-20-000

Tourniquet Touch TT20 with two cuff channels including 3.0m coil connecting tubing (blue and red). Tablet unit with integrated carrying handle.

- Electric
- Touch screen display
- Battery backup system

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With the development of Tourniquet Touch, VBM has set up a new milestone in the manufacturing of modern Tourniquet combining quality, safety and simplicity.

Optimal precision and high performance of components provide the best possible environment for safe surgical procedures in OR and ambulatory surgery. The large 8” touch screen interface displays clear information regarding pressure and inflation time. User friendly innovations such as Fast Choice Buttons and specifi c alarm program simplify the use of the device and reinforce patient safety. Longer power failures can be easily overcome by the powerful Lithium-Ion battery to guarantee safe continuation of the procedure.

The very robust housing makes cleaning and disinfection very easy due to the non-sensitive surface of the device.

The Tourniquet Touch is compatible with all VBM cuffs.


Main Specifications

Touch screen
- 100% premium glass
- Easy cleaning and disinfection
- Usable with surgical gloves
- 8 Inch (800 x 480 pixel)
- Wide viewing angle (178°)
- Low reflection, mat, anti-glare

- Lithium ion (14.4 V – 93.6 Wh)
- Approx. 8 h backup runtime  

Supply Voltage
- 100 – 240 VAC
Weight and Dimensions
- 4.5 kg
- Height 186 mm | Width 263 mm | Depth 226 mm

TT20 Features

Pressure | Time Range
- Pressure Range: 80 – 500 mmHg
- Time Range:0:15 – 2:00 h

Fast Choice Buttons
- Allow to change pressure and time to the preset values with only two touches
- No need to tap arrows and confirmation buttons
- For max. patient safety in case that immediate pressure changes are required during the surgical procedure

Timer Alarm
Precise time monitoring of procedure
- User is warned after reaching the set alarm time
- Add additional time to elapsed inflation time (10, 20 or 30 minutes)

- Defaults allow personalized presetting of time and pressure
- Quick access to the display features of the Tourniquet Touch
- Easy maintenance for biomedical engineer (calibration, self test, leak test)
- 14 different languages

IVRA (Intravenous regional anesthesia)
Safety Lockout
- To reduce the risk of unintentional cuff deflation
- To prevent the hazard of a sudden loss of IVRA